Stirrin’ Things Up!

Taking a quick espresso break and reflecting on my first couple of weeks here. Since joining the Krewe I’ve been welcomed by both colleagues at the restaurant and by legions of Picán loyalists ― people who’ve been supportive of this restaurant since the day it opened, for whom Southern cooking is a passionate topic, for whom the flavors of the South are the flavors of home. It’s a return to my own roots (born and raised in Florida) and an opportunity to really explore Southern Foodways, the historical aspect, its traditions and its expression on contemporary urban experience. Southern food epitomizes the farm-to-table concept, the use of whatever is readily available, sustainability, local sourcing. It is also “slow” food…food that is not meant to be rushed, but savored, enjoyed, lingered over.

Southern food also gives place and voice to diverse communities and cultures. It embraces the history of the South, from its painful challenges to its victories, the realities of its present. And it is also about the shared table, where diversity comes together in celebration.

I hope you join us as we continue this journey. I’m pleased to be a part of it and look forward to sharing with you!

– Chef Robert