Jill Ifshin


Jill is one of those remarkable people with restaurant in her blood, her DNA. It’s just who she is. She’s been with Pican since the “beginning” and has grown with us – and helped us grow! A Filipino-Cuban born and raised in the Bronx, her paternal Cuban grandfather sold bacalao (dried, salted codfish, the basis of a great many Cuban and Spanish recipes) on the streets of Tampa, Florida and her maternal Filipino grandfather was a sous chef at New York’s fabled 21 Club. Jill graduated from New York University (NYU) with a degree in Psychology and decided to move to California in search of diversity in both people and culinary arts. “The fresh vegetables and heightened sense of spirituality keep me here…as well as the super sunny days that keep us all feeling groovy!”

“Knowing that I can change the world with my own two hands, I do this by loving what I do and serving our community with both of them.”

Jill says being of service and holding the dream of revitalizing fine dining service every table she steps up to is her joy. “I truly enjoy the aspect of interacting, entertaining, and luxuriating the guests that I encounter. I really feel the love when people receive a genuine smile, an authentic “Welcome to Picán,” which is given with every piece of cornbread. Don’t even get me started on our shrimp and grits; it’s like a great big hug with humble beginnings.”