Cyrus Noble Small Batch

Picán, the “Westernmost Point on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail,” shares a bit of the western part of the trail with Cyrus Noble. Hailing from San Francisco and with roots back to the Gold Rush days, Cyrus Noble was in part created by the storied Haas family ⎯ a last name synonymous with iconic Levi jeans (invented and founded by a childless Peter Strauss, who left his denim empire to his four nephews, the Haas brothers).

In 1871, the brothers turned their attention to selling whiskey from wholesale liquor business entrepreneur Ernest Reuben Lilienthal, further cementing the Haas Brothers grocery and merchant enterprise. “Cyrus Noble Bourbon,” named after a distillery worker who fell into a vat of his own whiskey, became a favorite with miners both drowning their sorrows or celebrating their successes and a fixture during the Barbary Coast era.  In 1931, the recipe was revived after Prohibition, when Ernest Lilienthal’s son Ben, gave the trademarked recipe to his brother Sam and the bourbon was distributed under the Haas Brothers name.  It was revived again in 2013, using the same recipe and under the same trademark name; sourced (“born”) in Kentucky and bottled in San Francisco – “Born in Kentucky. Raised in San Francisco,” and is now being enjoyed by a new generation of bourbon drinkers who appreciate its spicy yet smooth character with notes of fresh cinnamon, vanilla.

Fun Fact: In 1901, prospector John Coleman walked into a roaring mining camp in Searchlight, Nevada and, like many prospectors, looking to trade a claim for anything else possibly useful. Coleman ended up trading a claim for one bottle of Cyrus Noble, known at the time as “the best bourbon in town.” The claim was developed into a lucrative mine, the Cyrus Noble Mine, yielding over $250,000 in gold production.

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