It was “love at first bite” when Executive Chef Robert and Michael were guests of “Mornings On 2“! Sandwiched in between the weather forecast (yet another monotonously dry day after a thick-as-She-Crab-Soup burns off…hmmm, we’ve been hearing this “sunny” and “warmer” refrain since mid-December!! Bring on the rain, snow already!!) and traffic reports (well, you can imagine with dense fog what THOSE were like!) Robert sautéed garlic, Benton’s bacon, bell peppers, spanish onion, celery, thyme in extra virgin olive oil, driving morning anchors Dave Clark and Tori Campbell and segment host Pam Cook to distraction as the studio filled with the scent of some fine Creole cooking, Picán style!

Arborio rice, clam and house made chicken stock, pieces of chicken, Andouille sausage, clams and some plump Gulf prawns and generous pours of white wine had Pam exclaiming, “it’s South in your mouth!” as she introduced the segment. Dave and Tori were out from behind the anchor desk and joined Sal Castaneda and Steve  Paulson and the backstage crew, edging ever closer to the sizzling goodness on set. Pam asked about Picán’s “sexy bacon,” (“mum” was the word!! But if you’ve been to Picán, you know!) and got down to the subtle points of Jambalaya, characterized by Robert as a “celebratory dish, full of tradition,” and one which is center stage during Oakland Restaurant Week (#ORW2015) as part of Picán’s prix fixe ORW dinner menu.

After adding finishing touches of fresh herbs, Chef Robert beautifully plated the dish; magically forks were in hands and everyone gathered around the set demo counter (we are proud to have “inaugurated” KTVU’s beautiful 4 burner propane range top!!) for a taste! We loved sharing our passion for Southern food with you and KTVU’s viewers!!

A big shout out and thank you to all the great people behind the scenes, too! Cameron Rogers, KTVU segment producer and the Mornings on 2 “Krewe”! Y’all made it a really fun experience!!