Pican - A Taste of the South
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Picán. A highlight of Oakland’s resurgent “Uptown” cultural district –– on the growing “A” list  of restaurants in the area treasured by food-savvy Bay Area residents.

A rich tapestry of aromas, tastes, colors, textures and sounds. Its discovery awaits you through Bites, Bourbons, Beat, and Buzzz. Inclusive. Welcoming. Southern…Unleashed!

Bites. Menu offerings explore the traditions of the South. Presentation celebrates the sophistication of California cuisine. A sumptuous dining room with an Expo Kitchen a perfect backdrop for cosmopolitan dining.

Bourbons. Picán features the most comprehensive Bourbon Portfolio in the Bay Area. Thumb through Picán’s Bourbon Portfolio at the Bar and share our enthusiasm for “America’s true Spirit.”

Beat. Picán is ever evolving, always exciting. Always on the lookout for the new, the different, the meaningful, the fun!

Buzzz. The Picán philosophy is simple: A close-knit community of food, beverage and fun-loving folks. Commit to seek, to find, to explore…to share more of life, more of soul.  Join with us and reconnect to yours.

In Oakland’s “Uptown” District.

2295 Broadway at 23rd Street
Oakland, California 94612