Starting July 5th we’re celebrating peaches in a big way! The fruit that is synonymous with a warm Southern summer day has a starring role across all our menus. Peaches are on the Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and Cocktail menus through the end of the month (as available). Start an afternoon or evening at Pican with a Peach Squeeze cocktail with Angelus Peach Corn Bread with peach pepper jelly or Chilled Champagne Peach Consommé from the bar menu. For dinner, we’re offering Bonita Peach Raviolis Gulf Snapper, Louisiana Blue crab tossed with peaches sand Slow Roasted Molasses Pork Shoulder with Southern foie gras ‘dirty rice,” backyard peach. The Dessert menu has Peach Fried Pie with ginger beer ice cream and sorghum peach butterscotch and  Roasted Candied Early Amber Peach with bourbon ice cream, brown butter shortbread.

Our Lunch menu has a special Grilled Belle of Georgia Burrata with purslane and levain bread chips. On the weekends, be sure to give the Brunch menu a try with Peachy French Toast with roasted K&J Orchards Donut Peaches or Pancakes ‘n Georgia Jam with golden Freestone peach jam.

We’ve even put together recipes for you to enjoy some peachy treats at home with family and friends! Grilled Belle of Georgia Burrata from Chef Jerome and Peach Sangria Party Pitchers from the Bar Krewe!