Notes from Chef Spike!

Hello, Chef Spike here!
Just wanted to give you a heads up on upcoming events at Picán. I have developed a few menus I think you will enjoy. Come and experience these special celebrations – all expressed with the Picán touch!
Starting on the 19th of January we have special menus planned for Oakland Restaurant Week. We are offering two, three-course menus, at a reduced rate for lunch ($20) and dinner ($40).
February begins our celebration of Black History Month. We are featuring on-going menu specials starting February 1st and ending on the 28th, the last day of the month. I decided to create a menu that follows the progression of black heritage from Africa, through the South and up to the northern United States. These are dishes I grew up with and still enjoy.
Of course, in the month of February we lovers of women and men celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. I have composed a five-course, prix fixe menu designed for two. The menu starts off pianissimo, sotto voce, and ends in a crescendo of flavors.
Just as Picán visited Italy back in October (Italiano Week), and we are now taking a trip to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick, with Éirrin go Brách! A Culinary Salute to Ireland!, March 13-19th. Yes, there are indeed Irish people in the South, and their presence continues even today with a strong, ethnic food heritage. We at Picán wanted to bring out traditional Irish flavors using Southern techniques, and so we arrived at a menu that truly says Ireland, but with the Southern twist you all have come to expect from Picán. We think you all will enjoy this one!
So, this is what we are working on Picán! I hope all of you brave the January and February rainy weather and come out to taste some of the food, and dabble with the spirits in our bar!
Until next time,
Chef Spike