Krewe (pronounced “crew”) is an organization that puts on the annual parades, galas and balls associated with Carnival season and is associated very closely with New Orleans Mardi Gras. At Picán, our “work family” is “krewe” – responsible for creating and delivering a great time for guests and of being of service to guests, to each other and to our community. Meet our krewe and you’ll understand how Picán truly is Southern…Unleashed!

Jerome “Spike” Williams

Executive Chef

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Jerome "Spike" Williams was schooled during his teens at Park West Culinary, the largest culinary program of its kind in New York City, with 18 commercial kitchens, the same number of bakeries and enormous walk-in freezers and refrigerators. The … Read More

Michael LeBlanc


New Orleans-native Michael LeBlanc has been a pioneering achiever all is life. A "corporate refugee" (the first African-American corporate officer in the history of Polaroid and former president, Polaroid Asia Pacific, capping a legendary 26 year tenure with the company) … Read More

Jill Ifshin


Jill is one of those remarkable people with restaurant in her blood, her DNA. It's just who she is. She's been with Pican since the "beginning" and has grown with us – and helped us grow! A Filipino-Cuban born and raised in the Bronx, her paternal Cuban grandfather sold … Read More

Debbie Poryes

Jazz Pianist

Debbie Poryes has been a regular at Picán, playing Wednesday and Saturday evenings from 7-7:30pm to about 9p or a bit thereafter. Guests are treated to her wide repertoire of jazz standards, bebop, tunes from Wayne Shorter to Monk; she picks up the vibe from guests in the … Read More