Get Your Bourbon On!


Mark Twain famously said, “If I cannot drink bourbon and smoke cigars in heaven, then I shall not go.” The golden hue of Bourbon. Sexy in the bottle; sexier in the proper glass.  A special glass isn’t required (but some seem to just feel better suited to the task!) and some glasses do help with the smelling and the tasting. Glasses with wider mouths are good –– they allow you to really smell the bourbon, and make it easier to add ice if you want. And “smell” definitely helps with the taste experience. The glass should be about 1/4 full; it should settle in for several seconds. Look at it…really look at the color, clarity…the depth, the richness.

After it settles and you’ve beheld and taken in the beauty of the liquor, bring the glass to your nose and part your lips on the edge; it allows you to “smell” and “taste” at the same time. Bourbons all have varying scents, from bottle to bottle and person to person, but common descriptions of bourbon aromas are old wood, leather, vanilla, spice, caramel, matches (sulfur). Take a sip…let it roll across the tongue and then swallow. Let your tongue “chew” the flavor a few seconds, then breathe out through your nose and mouth together to get the full impact of the flavor, identify its characteristics. Feel the heat, the “bite” bourbon imparts. Discuss it with your drinking partners…or your bartender. A lot of bourbon tasting is in the sharing of the experience!

Picán has over 106 Bourbons…as we say, “Stay thirsty my friends!” You’re just getting started!