Blanton’s Bourbon

Albert Bacon Blanton (BONUS ALERT! Did someone say “Bacon”?) began working in the distillery at age sixteen years of age, quickly becoming a leading pioneer in the development of bourbon. He was named company president in 1921 and expanded the distillery from 44 to 144 buildings making it the largest Distillery of the era. During that period Colonel Blanton…

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Angel’s Envy

We’re pleased to offer the work of Angel’s Envy late founder/Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson (1938-2013). Lincoln joined us here at Picán in 2012 as an honored guest for a special Angel’s Envy bourbon dinner. We went into our archives and pulled out some of the memorabilia from the evening for you to enjoy! Three special…

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Bourbon Peach Southern Sweet Tea

Things are heating up at Picán as we head into the “dog days” of summer! With this summer’s unusual weather pattern feeling a lot more like the South than we’re used to here in the Bay Area, here’s a cool recipe that will have you settling comfortably into a lounge chair on the patio! And, of…

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August 24th “Urban Farm Collaborative” Dinner

August 24th “Urban Farm Collaborative” Dinner We’ve partnered with an ambitious program, Oakland & the World Enterprises, spearheaded by former Black Panther Chairwoman Elaine Brown. The farmers are all folks who have been previously incarcerated and who will come to own the farm. From a 3/4 acre lot in West Oakland hopefulness is being sown and tended. It’s…

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Starting July 5th we’re celebrating peaches in a big way! The fruit that is synonymous with a warm Southern summer day has a starring role across all our menus. Peaches are on the Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and Cocktail menus through the end of the month (as available). Start an afternoon or evening at Pican…

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