Royale Bourbon Society

With a crest and the exhortation Calix semper vestrum sit plenum,” (loose Latin for “may your cup always be full“), the Royale Bourbon Society launched officially in August 2012, at an induction ceremony complete with secret handshake. Since then, Picán earned its chops, having been proclaimed the “Westernmost Point on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

We’ve gone on to produce several Kentucky Derby events (it’s all about the Julep!), held several Bourbon Master Series events including Bourbon Dinners featuring notable  Master Distillers (Lincoln Henderson, Angel’s Envy; prelaunch dinner event that was off the hook, with all guests receiving a special signed debut bottle of Angel’s Envy…a gentleman and a scholar!). Other events featuring Tom Bulleit of Bulleit Bourbon, the great Rob Samuels, Maker’s Mark, carrying on a proud family heritage of 7 generations of whiskey makers…you get the idea!); bourbon and food pairings; special product/brand tastings! Every month something to whet – and wet – your appetite! Bourbon Academy (okay, okay…we use any excuse to get together, including getting into the nitty gritty of mash, production, aging in the rick house, history, economics, etc.!); Bourbon Socials (yes, really! Even more social than Bourbon Academy!); food pairing, cooking with bourbon…if it has anything even loosely associated with bourbon, we’re on it! Well, actually, we’re sipping it! The Royale Bourbon Society excels at events designed for both learning ― and the learned!

Our most recent event (April, 2016) featured John Little, Master Distiller, Smooth Ambler Spirits, in a very entertaining conversation with Greg Jensen (RBS “Sire” for the evening) as we sipped our way through five pours…and then the “off-book” tastings of treasures brought in by several of the guests. A fabulous, informative evening.

And in our spare time, we’re making special bourbon infusions; coming up with a whole slew of new bourbon-based drinks!

The RBS welcomes members who love the idea of shrinking the distance between Picán’s Southern outpost in Uptown Oakland and Kentucky, where the magic happens. It’s a golden opportunity to learn, sip, and enjoy the best that bourbon has to offer. – San Francisco Examiner

2016 is shaping up to be another bourbon-packed year on tap. Whether you’re new to the world of the “True American Spirit,” or a practiced and proven aficionado, The Royale Bourbon Society provides entertaining and engaging opportunities to share your passion with kindred souls! Sign up; get tasting!

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