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FUNraiser | Celebrity Bartender!

Shake, Shake, Shake!

Picán continues to be an impactful supporter of community programs focused on advancing disenfranchised groups, improving education, women’s advocacy and programs targeted towards those who have been incarcerated and are trying to get back on their feet. Picán has put together a creative program as a fun way to raise funds for your cause, while celebrating your work with supporters, Funders, Board Members and Picán guests: Picán’s FUNraising – Celebrity Bartender! 

Celebrity Bartender “FUNraising” Event

Picán contributes its Bar and Lounge for two (2) hours. You and your organization invite your supporters, board members and key donors along with selected members of your group to act as bartenders. You generate revenue for your group by collecting cash tips from your supporters. Here’s a look at a recent event held by BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency). What can we do for you??

How It Works

Picán donates use of its Bar & Lounge, free of charge. Your organization provides “Celebrity” bartenders (i.e., board members, key donors, program participants or real bartenders or live celebrities) who join our staff behind the bar. Celebrity Bartenders work in pairs (2) for one 30 minute shift. They engage patrons and talk up your organization while shaking and pouring cocktails at the bar for your invited guests and bar patrons. Celebrity Bartenders shake pre-­selected drinks crafted by Picán Bar staff. A Picán Bar Staff member is assigned to lead the Celebrity Bartenders; we know not everyone is a trained bartender and we want to ensure everyone has a fun and easy time behind the bar.

The organization raises money by selecting Tip Wranglers to engage and collect cash donations from bar patrons and generous contributors throughout the Bar & Lounge. All cash tips collected from bar patrons during the event’s 2-­hour window (excluding credit card tips or profits from drink sales) go to your organization. A $50 administrative fee is required to secure the event and reserve the Bar & Lounge; there is no venue fee. The final dollar amount raised depends on the number of guests your organization can mobilize to attend and the effectiveness of your Tip Wranglers on the floor. Past participants, such as girlsInc. and PinkAccess, have grossed over $1K in 2 hours!*

Remember, the more popular and vivacious your Celebrity Bartenders and Tip Wranglers, the more effective your FUNraiser! Please contact Picán management staff for more information!

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