Month: January 2015


It was “love at first bite” when Executive Chef Robert and Michael were guests of “Mornings On 2“! Sandwiched in between the weather forecast (yet another monotonously dry day after a thick-as-She-Crab-Soup burns off…hmmm, we’ve been hearing this “sunny” and “warmer” refrain since mid-December!! Bring on the rain, snow already!!) and traffic reports (well, you can imagine…

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Oakland Restaurant Week: Bracket Madness!

You’ve heard of College Basketball’s March Madness tournament, where even President Obama fills out a bracket to try and decide who will win. Well, they’re doing the same thing to decide the Best Restaurant of Oakland Restaurant Week! You can vote online here for who you think the winner should be! If you’re a Picán fan,…

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“U Can’t Touch This!”

I know it’s considered improper etiquette to talk about oneself or brag about your own products. So, I just had a slice of our Sexy Bacon yesterday…think Cajun spice, molasses and some heat….on our Weekend Brunch Menu…damn!! U can’t touch this! In the spirit of Southern Fusion, Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps…really??!  Asia meets the Deep South…no joke. U…

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